For the year 2014, it is estimated that the Agave-Tequila chain consumed 2,800 fossil energy terajoules (mainly fuel oil) and 110 gigawatts-hour of electricity. 

We have implemented simple ways such as insulating all the piping where we transfer the steam, which has been a big benefit as far as reduction of energy and using natural lighting in our workspaces.

Recently in our steam generation, we have been retrofitting the boilers to modernize the carburation methods from analog to digital, that way we get more precision of mixing the fuel with the air which translates in more efficiency, and consequently, more steam generation with less energy, also we generate fewer emissions so we have a double benefit there.  

Our most recent study showed that we have been able to produce 15% more steam with the same energy.

When it comes to energy in Altos Tequila distillery we measure everything that way we keep optimizing and improving our sustainable energy strategies.