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Taste Like Winter: 3 Tequila Cocktails For Colder Days

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“Taste like summer” is something that really defines tequila, but as one of Mexico’s main drinks all year round, its flavour finds its way into sweeter, fruitier and even warmer cocktails. That’s why we have selected three cocktails that will surely be great for the holidays, you'd even forget summer is still some months away.


With its fruity aromas and sparkling texture, this drink is both refined and festive. Also, it holds reminiscences of the traditional holiday Mexican punch.


  • Altos Plata Tequila 40ml / 1 1⁄3 parts
  • Iced hibiscus tea 40ml / 1 1⁄3 parts
  • Lemon juice 20ml / 2⁄3 part
  • Agave mix 10ml 1⁄3 part
  • Sparkling wine 40ml / 2 parts
  • Seasonal fresh fruit and herbs


Mix ingredients in a stirring glass, stir with ice cubes in a wine glass. Garnish with cubed, seasonal fruit and herbs, like mint.


On the more practical side, bottled cocktails are great for the holidays. You can prepare everything in advance an let your friends grab one at their will. This new classic with a tequila touch is sure to please.


  • Altos Plata Tequila 250ml / 1 part
  • Campari 250ml / 1 part
  • Red Sweet Vermouth 250ml / 1 part


Build ingredients in a stirring glass, stir with cubed or rock ice in an old fashioned. Garnish with an orange slice.


If you are feeling more technical or are a bartender yourself, you can try Meg Miller’s approach to the gimlet and paloma, that in her words showcases “how approachable yet serious, Altos Tequila can be”.


  • Altos Plata Tequila 50 ml / 2 parts
  • Ting Cordial Soda 30 ml /1 part


TO MAKE THE TING CORDIAL: Over medium heat, reduce Ting soda until the liquid is halved. Let it cool & bottle for cocktail. A grapefruit tequila twist that’s based on a classic Gimlet cocktail.

METHOD: Build ingredients in a stirring glass, stir, and strain in a coupete. Garnish with grapefruit zest.

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